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Healy distributes products from hundreds of manufacturers. Here are links to just some of our suppliers:

3M (MMM) - SDS
Akro-Mils (AKR)
All Sales (ALS)
Amflo / Camel / Tru-Flate (AMF CAM)
Au-tomotive Gold (LPD)
Au-ve-co (AUV)
Bell (COB)
Berryman (BER) - SDS
B'laster (PBB) - SDS
Blue Magic (BLU)
Cal Car Duster (CAF)
California Scents (CSC)
Car-Freshner/Little Trees (CAF)
Clean-Rite/Detailer's Choice (CLR)
Colgan (COL) - Dealers
Covercraft (COV)
CRC Industries (CRC) - SDS
CTA Tools (CTA)
Ctek (CTK)
Custom Accessories (ACC)
Exact Mats (EXM)
Fone Gear / Fuse (FON)
Gates (GAT) - Search
Gojo (GOJ)
Gunk (SOL)
Heatshield (HEA) - Dealers
Heininger (HEN)
High Road / Talus (TRS)
Hoppy (HOP)
Hot Rods Plus (CAP H)
Ideal/Tridon (IDE)
Ilco (ILC)
Johnsen's (SER) - SDS
Keeper / Hampton (AMA)
K&N Filters (KNF)
Kraco (SHD)
Krylon (KRY)
Lexol (LEX)
Loctite (LOC) - SDS
MAN / Elite (MAN)
MasterLock (MAS) - Images
Maxsa (MXA)
Meguiars (MEG)
Mothers (MOR)
Nite Ize (NIT)
Noco (NOC) - SDS
Orion Safety (OSP)
Permatex (PER) - SDS
Philips (PHI)
Plasticolor (PLA)
Pop & Lock (POP)
Putco (PUT)
Ragg Topp (RAG)
Rain-X (RAX)
ReadyLift (RLS)
SAS Safety (SAS)
SCC Peerless Chains (SEC) - Search
Scosche (SCO)
Simple Green (SIM) - SDS
Slip n Grip (SLG)
SM Arnold (SMA) - SDS
Smart Wax/Chemical Guys (SMW)
Stant (STA) - Search
Strattec (BRI)
Streamlight (STR)
Swiss+Tech (SWT)
Sylvania (SYL OSR) - Search
Thule Racks (THU)
Tork (TOR)
Tracerline (HBF) - SDS
Trimax (LAM)
US Speedo (USS)
Wang / Pilot (WII)
WD-40 (WD4) - SDS
Weathertech (WEA)
Westin (WAD)
Wilmar / Performance Tool (WIL)
Xtra Seal (G31) - SDS
Zymol (ZYM)

(the 3 letters in parentheses are Healy's Manufacturer codes for reference)